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Rajdharaa – Using technology to boost civic infrastructure

The Government of Rajasthan’s Department of Information Technology & Communication (DoIT&C) is actively working towards establishing an effective and integrated Geographical Information System (GIS) infrastructure of the State, observes Elets News Network (ENN).

In an endeavour to enable good governance, sustainable development, citizens’ empowerment and maintain standardised GIS assets of the State, ‘Rajdharaa’ scheme has been created. According to DoIT&C, the primary objective of establishing Rajdharaa scheme is to develop a state-wide web-based geo-portal to acquire, process, store, distribute and improve the utilisation of geo-spatial data based on Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) standards, and develop a Data Clearing House (DCH), which would be a gateway of spatial data being generated by various agencies of the Government of Rajasthan.

It needs to be mentioned here that OGC is an international not-for-profit organisation committed to make quality standards for the global geo-spatial community. The Rajdharaa scheme is also mandated to include policies, framework, hardware, software, application, data, modelling and methods that deals with spatially referenced and geographically tagged/linked data/information as well as non-spatial data for creating multi-dimensional decision support system. It would provide a single window service to citizens to increase the efficiency and productivity of all departmental agencies such as Medical nd Health, Police, Utilities, Power, Commercial Taxes, Water Resources, Education, Forestry, Agriculture, Urban Development, etc.

The Government of Rajasthan is also currently developing 3D-Models and virtual walkthroughs of various historical monuments, heritage infrastructure important buildings,modern and old colonies, which would enable various Line Departments like Urban Development, Town Planning, PWD etc, to create prototypes of largescale infrastructure development, transportation planning, cadastral and land planning, town planning, modelling and impact assessments in 3D GIS environment. The upcoming 3D city model will be integrated with Rajdharaa for providing a seamless view of the developed 3D models on web.

Rajasthan’s GIS Initiatives

Developed 30+ GIS-based interfaces covering approx. 30 departments/schemes

Single gateway to access spatial and non-spatial data

Creation of base map consisting administrative and revenue boundaries, water bodies, transportation network etc, and high resolution base imagery

Creation of GIS based repository of State’s assets

Workflow based works management system to monitor progress of infrastructure development activities

Geo enablement of masterplan under ULB

Land bank for industrial development

Sharing of data/layers among Line Departments

Advanced analytics and structured Decision Support System for undertaking Inter-Sectoral Planning

GIS based Workflow Management System

Rajasthan’s 3D GIS Initiatives

Enabling Heritage Sites Turn Digital

  1. Digital preservation and documentation of heritage monuments
  2. As-Built Architectural Model of Rajasthan forts and heritage monuments

Monuments Covered: 

  1. User driven interactive 3D walkthrough, virtual reality, augmented reality, light & sound shows, now at:
  2. Amer Fort
  3. Jantar Mantar
  4. Albert Hall
  5. Hawa Mahal
  6. City Palace – Jaipur
  7. City Palace – Udaipur
  8. 8 Gates of Walled City, Jaipur and surrounding Badi Chopar area Under Development:
  9. Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) based as-built 3D model creation for Kumbhalgarh Fort is currently under process
  10. Tourists can now discover fascinating facts about the following ancient monuments while playing games.

Currently, the monuments under this include:

  1. Hawa Mahal
  2. Albert Hall

3D City Solutions for Jaipur