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Transforming interaction with citizens

Advisor, IT, Electronics
& Communication
Govt of Andhra Pradesh

eGovernance is about a fundamental transformation of how government deals and interacts with its citizens. Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister’s e-Pragati initiative is ambitious. Similarly, the eSeva is quite popular now in its transformed name called ‘Mee Seva’. The development of IT as an industry can happen through practising it. Andhra Pradesh government has been sincere in using IT in different manners. I am sure even the industry is aware that both opportunity to get some business and also to be a part of this development of a new state is available, which is called ‘Sunrise AP’. I had great pleasure in inaugurating this symposium.


 Delhi Govt moves towards eGovernance initiatives

Vice Chairman
Delhi Dialogue Commission

The reason why I’m here is that I want to learn from all the pioneering initiatives that the Government of Andhra Pradesh over a period of time has taken in the field of eGovernance. I was completely surprised to know that there are more than 650 services in AP which are already online. After coming to power, the Delhi Government has started an initiative called eDistrict and we have made almost 10 or 12 services in the last 10 months online. For the Delhi Government, technology is not a matter of mere convenience, but it’s an instrument through which one would provide services to citizens. Only through technology we would be able to completely weed out corruption, manipulation and fraud from the system and provide citizens the services they deserve and they are entitled to.


ePragati to pave way for Digital Andhra Pradesh

Founder & Dean, Great Lakes Institute of Management

The new digital initiative ePragati can be termed “Trust AP”. It is it like a golden key which is going to unleash tremendous things and create rush scalability and skills ability to educate people who are anywhere in the village. Through this project Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu will bring prosperity to the entire Andhra Pradesh. In TrustAP, “T” stands for technology driven, enabled and powered. “R” is for responsibility and reliability. “U” means Uniformity completely unleashed to the entire population, not to a select few. And finally “S” stands for scalability with security of information. Big Data is going to grow exponentially, along side the ePragati initiative.

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