eINDIA 2015

eINDIA 2015 – NV Patel, Chairman, Vadodara Urban Development Authority, Government of Gujarat

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A role model

N-V-PatelAs we deliberate upon technological integration in the smart cities, we need to see how Vadodara has come up. The city has engaged with three consultancies—Jones Lang LaSalle, TATA Consulting Engineers and Town Land Consultancy Services—through which we are taking all the activities for Vadodara on a smarter platform. This includes the water distribution system of 24*7 and 365 days a year in each household with smart metering. Mass metering system is also there so that leakages in pipeline could be identified. The drainages go through the gravity, so when the pipeline goes 390 ft deep, we provide auxiliary pumping. Automatic monitoring and pumping, sewage treatment plants and reuse of water is made to preserve the crucial natural resource. Smart lighting means LED, which is controlled with sensors. The sensors ensure that the streets have optimum lighting and the sensors also retain visibility at night hours. The online portal has access to grievances of the people. Training in skill development is very important. Training is also vital for the entire existing staff for changing mindsets, encouraging adoption of technology and involving people’s participation in the new-age systems.

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