eINDIA 2015

eINDIA 2015 – Dr Omkar Rai, Director General, Software Technology Parks of India (STPI)

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Exporting Technology

Dr-Omkar-RaiSoftware Technology Parks of India was created in 1991 with a vision to promote the export of software of the country and to promote the entrepreneurship in the field of ICT and also to give all kind of support to the software exporters, including the bandwidth and the setcom due to then exporters. STPI has played its role to promote the export of software form the country and looking at the figures, the exports from the country in the year 2014-15 has been in tune of $ 98.1 billion. Moreover, the sector has contributed more than nine per cent to the Indian GDP. In the IT sector, about three million engineers are directly employed and thereby creating around three types of indirect jobs for the countrymen. Every year, more than 2.5 lakh engineers are added in the workforce of the ICT sector across the country. Maharashtra contributes second to the Karnataka in the export of the software from the country and the year 2014-15, the contribution of Maharashtra has been in the tune of more than 60,000 crore from STPI registered units. These units, all employing about four lakh engineers in Maharashtra and in the year 2015- 15, the investmemt that has been done by the STPI registered units has been in the tune of 5000 crore. Looking at the vision of the Government of Maharashtra in the field of IT, the target has been set for creation of one million jobs in another five years for attracting investment of 50,000 crore and for enabling the export more than 100,000 crore from Maharashtra. We are working with the Government of Maharashtra to realise their vision and target for another five years.

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