Telangana meet focuses on cyber-safe cities

C V Anand, Commissioner of Police, Cyberabad, speaks at Annual Cyber Security Conclave in Hyderabad. Chief Guest and State IT Minister K T Rama Rao can be seen seated on the dais (second from right).

In a bid to highlight the need to further enhance cyber security in the State of Telangana, the Cyber Security Council organised the first-ever conclave in Hyderabad on Tuesday. The event brought together experts from across the country to a common platform to share knowledge around the most pressing need of cyber security.

Leaders from the domain of information technology, data security and IT infrastructure security, including Microsoft, KPMG, E&Y, Raytheon, Websense, Wipro and TCS came together to exhibit the latest strategies, technologies and tools to ensure cyber security.

The chief guest at the event, Telangana IT Minister K T Rama Rao said that in the present times, cyber security has become a necessity, as the new generation exists in a paradigm where they cannot live in an unconnected world. Mobile governance will be a reality soon and so will be IoT, he stated.

“The current realm places new challenges on the government. Telangana has partnered with CS Rao Institute to train police in cyber security.  The State shall now partner with NASSCOM and Data Security Council of India (DSCI) as well to make Hyderabad a cyber-safe destination. The new world war would be fought with keyboards and we are preparing cyber warriors to combat this,” he added.

Sarvade, CEO, DSCI, observed that cyber crime is also showing its face as the new collection mafia in today’s world.

“This is a problem which hurts both the enterprises as well as the individual with extreme prejudice. The solution lies not just in looking at prevention, but also building resilient organisations, which are capable of withstanding such attacks. Going forward we can not only secure our country but also the entire world with our intellectual capital.”

“It is heartening to see such a large gathering for a cyber security event which is the need of the hour owing to this highly connected world,” he added.

C V Anand, Commissioner of Police, Cyberabad, said, “We live in an age where a school kid gets his first taste of the external world through a tablet gifted by people. These children are also susceptible to pornographic violence and other malicious content. As against popular belief, the majority of crime in the cyber space is not related to hacking, which is a mere 4 per cent, but to phishing and other such crimes.

“It is important to create awareness among the citizens against these crimes and also come up with processes and policies to govern the Cyber Space and prevent crime.”

(Reporter: Sudheer Goutham, Hyderabad)

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