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Govt to set up national fingerprint database of criminals

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fingerprintThe government will reportedly set up a national fingerprints database of convicts and arrested criminals soon.

The database will be set up by the Ministry of Home Affairs by collating records from all the states and union territories.

It will facilitate speedy identification of offenders,

According to report, the government has decided to integrate the records of the state agencies and make them part of the national database. The National Informatics Centre is reportedly creating a ‘cloud’ for this integration.

The integration of all data available with the Central Finger Print Bureau (CPFB) would help police and investigators anywhere in the country get finger print data of any criminal on real time basis.

 The Ministry of Home Affairs is also planning to integrate the fingerprint database with other biometric techniques like digital images, palm prints and auxiliary biometric like Iris records in future, according to report.


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