N S N Murthy
May 2009

N S N Murthy

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N S N Murthy
Director, Sales

In India, we are going to align ourselves with the projects under National eGovernance Plan and in parallel will work with state governments on specific solution areas.

How do you see MphasiS addressing Government requirements end-to-end?

Governments across the globe are consolidating the number of vendor’s taking care of its requirement.  The single reason is moving from just project-based application automation to a complete “Transformation” of the Department.  This is a much mature and holistic approach to achieve the end-objective(s) of the Government. Our “Transformation Services” covers Application Services, IT Services and Business Process Services.  This enables us to partner with our clients in not only addressing their current needs but also making them agile to respond to future requirements.

What are the areas of e-Governance you are looking to tap in the years to come?

MphasiS, has been working on several government area’s along with its parent organization EDS an HP Company worldwide.  As a group we have been providing solutions & services for Defence, Finance & Tax, Agriculture, Municipalities, Customs, Homeland Department, Tourism, Social Welfare, Healthcare, Education and several others. In India, we are going to align ourselves with the projects under National eGovernance Plan and in parallel will work with state governments on specific solution areas.

You are known for your Portal expertise in several industry segments, would that be a focus offering in Government too?

Yes definitely, we have strong credentials globally in the area of Portals. We have already started working with several Government Clients and PSUs on this service offering and we have received a very good response too.  We have also developed our own Portal Framework called MFrame. It is our solution offering to help clients readily build cross-channel Portals using a vendor neutral framework that facilitates the integration of best of breed products to quickly deploy eGovernment capabilities.

What is your opinion about the developments in e-Governance arena in India as compared to Global Scenario?

India is extremely well placed today to leap frog several other nations in the eGovernance Implementation.  Recession, increasing citizen expectations, availability of cutting edge technology and most importantly a positive mindset from both bureaucrats and political parties is going to speed up the transformation of government services.  It is exciting as well as challenging time for every IT Solutions & Service Provider in India; exciting because there are plenty of opportunities to work on and challenging because government clients are extremely intelligent now.  They no longer are looking for plain computerization of department but results-oriented transformation, which will enable them to increase their own internal efficiencies and service their end-customers better.

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