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DOT to Set up National Internet Registry

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Without giving much heed to the TRAI's proposal of setting up of an Internet registry by National Internet Exchange of India (NIXI), a public-private partnership body, the DOT is to set up a National Internet Registry to create more Web addresses as the country's existing resources will run out of capacity in one year.

In a letter to the telecom regulatory body, the DOT has said the registry involves licensing issues and only the department is empowered to set up such a body. As is being anticipated, by 2010 the Internet Protocol version 4 which has a capability of hosting 4.3 billion web addresses will exhaust and hence there arises a necessity to migrate to next version of IP that is IPv6 which has capacity to support 16 billion addresses.

With the increased Internet penetration in the country, newer devices, applications and services are likely to be deployed, and that will generate a greater demand for IP (Web) addresses. Australia-based Asia Pacific Network Information Centre (APNIC) is a body responsible for IPv6 resource allocation in the region.

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