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Pakistan 131st in e-Governance Readiness

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As per a report released by the United Nations named “United Nations Survey 2008; from e-Governance to Connected Governance”, in e-Governance Readiness for Southern Asia, Pakistan ranks 5th out of nine countries of SARAC, with Maldives, Sri Lanka, Iran and India placed ahead of it. And amongst all the countries across the world, Pakistan ranks 131st with underdeveloped countries like Angola, Algeria, Kenya, Suriname, and Namibia positioned above it. And this situation is so despite the allocation of Rs 25.88 billion by the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication Division for e-governance in Pakistan

Further in Web Assessment 2008, Pakistan is ranked 70, with underdeveloped countries like Jordan, Angola and Mauritius lying ahead of Pakistan.

Within the list of the 'Head of State Websites that Encourage Citizen Engagement', Pakistan is ranked below Bangladesh, Bolivia, Dominican Republic, Egypt, Honduras, Indonesia, New Guinea, Philippines, Vietnam and many other lesser known African countries like Togo, Uganda, Nevis, Cameroon, Congo, Namibia, Niger and Nigeria.

Moreover, in e-Participation Index, Pakistan is ranked 98 with Mauritania, Mauritius, Angola and Cambodia (least developed country of Asia) having better position in e-participation.

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