August 2008

MEDical NETwork

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Peru is officially classified as a middle-income country. Strong economic growth over 9 consecutive years (9% in 2007; 10% in Jan 2008 alone), low inflation and a budget surplus coupled with the growth in reserves have resulted in Fitch Ratings raising Peru's foreign currency debt rating to the investment grade level of BBB in April 2008.1 However, despite surging economic growth, large sections of the population remain marginalised with distinct inequalities between those living in urban and rural areas.

The aim of project MedNET is to develop a medical health network in Peru targeting locations that have been virtually abandoned by the state.

The sites chosen for inclusion in MedNET are Chongos Alto, Comas, Pariahuanca, Puerto Ocopa, Mazamari, Rio Negro, S.M. de Pangoa (Figure 1).

Fig. 1. Map outline of the sites selected in Jun

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