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August 2008

In Fact

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The concept of emerging new media defines the phenomenal growth of unique form of interactive and informative medium enabled by digital technologies allowing the previously separate traditional media to converge by  the process of  adopting and adapting to the new media technologies.

What are new media? 

  • The Internet 
  • MP3
  • Mobile phones  
  • Games consoles
  • Digital TV  
  • DVD 
  • DV film making


  • Alters the way music is produced and distributed 
  • Developed as a way of exchanging music files via the Internet 
  • Became popular due to the success of Napster 
  • Popularity of format has led to hardware being produced to play files a way from computer 
  • Becoming increasingly common and cheaper to buy than CDs 
  • Offers new and unsigned artists the chance to reach a global audience 
  • Format has the potential to empower an artist as record companies could become obsolete.

Games consoles 

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