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e-Inclusion Drive for the Marginalised in Poland

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In an attempt towards bridging the digital divide and bring e-Government services to the digitally marginalised groups, the Government of Poland has started a tendering process for e-Inclusion projects.

The project is funded by the European Regional Development Fund (reports ePractice).

The Governemnt has kept the bid open for local government units (either individually or in consortia), as well as in partnership with Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs). Potential candidates can apply for support of up to 85 per cent of qualifying expenses.

The projects aim at helping households to receive different forms of social security support, children and school-age youth from limited-income families, or people with a severe to moderate degree of disability.

Further, the projects would impart computer and Internet training to target end-users and the stakeholders such as local government and NGO staff to reach the marginalised groups.

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