May 2008

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Climate Change and Developing Countries

Author: N. H. Ravindranath, Jayant A.Sathaye
Publisher: Kluwer Academic Publisher, Netherlands
ISBN: 140200771X
Pages: 308

The impact would be severe particularly in tropics which are mainly constituted by developing nations. Developing nations have also recognised the importance of their future role in responding to the uncertainty posed by global climate change through appropriate technical institutional and policy measures.

The ongoing global negotiations are in a critical phase. The book proposes alternative perspectives of developing countries on opportunities to benefit from current and emerging global negotiations, institutions, mitigating techniques and mechanisms to address climate change. The book provides basic information, analysis, and interpretation of various aspects relevant to climate change and will be a valuable asset to researchers, negotiators, policy makers, and environmental groups engaged in the analysis and discussion of climate change, mainly with reference to developing countries. 

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