March 2008

Techshare India 2008, 4-5 February 2008, New Delhi, India

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In a country where it is considered that almost ten percent of the world's disabled population lives in India, it is imperative for the ecosystem to realise the power of technology that can break barriers for people with disabilities and include them in the mainstream. India has the Persons with Disabilities Act that focuses on equal opportunities and protection of rights for persons with disabilities. Also, recently India ratified the UN convention to promote and protect the rights of persons with disabilities. But the nation has not succeeded in mainstreaming people with disabilities into society. The answer lies in building and creating awareness about the needs and potential of the people with disabilities and not in the legal framework alone. In addition, it is essential to create awareness about the role of technology in empowering people with disabilities.

Breaking the barriers

'BarrierBreak  Technologies' with its expertise in technology and understanding the needs of people with disabilities envisaged that in order to change the mindset of India towards people with disabilities the nation needs a platform whereby it could get the entire ecosystem

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