e-Learning Can Be Postponed But Not Avoided : C V Chandrashekhar, Founder & CEO Tenable Learning Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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What has been your reaction to, or your experience with the Indian Market?
India is just warming up to the potential of e-Learning. At present, majority of the business being done by  Indian e-Learning companies is in the “outsourcing” mode, primarily from countries like USA or Canada. Tenable has started with Content and Design services, but very soon will be launching an educational portal, where we will not only host courses developed internally, but also host third party courses and educational products.

In January 2008, we are going to launch the first ever 100% online course by any university in India for an Instructional Design course. This is in partnership with Philadelphia University, MA, which is one of the premier universities offering full time masters degree in Instructional Technology. We are also setting up one Centre of Excellence in e-Learning along with them. We are developing a new LMS which has unique features

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