Malaysia to get high speed broadband

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The Malaysia Government is willing to fund 30 percent of a proposed multi-billion dollar high-speed broadband services project, which will include provisions for a “last-mile” fiber-optic network.

The Government has selected Telekom Malaysia (TM) for this mega broadband project. The project is estimated to cost 15.2 billion ringgit (US$4.46 billion) over 10 years and it will cover 2.2 million premises. The government has directed TM to start the work on the project though deployment of the physical infrastructure. The government had commissioned consultant firm McKinsey & Co. to conduct a feasibility study, which estimated that an investment of US$4.4 billion would be required to lay fiber-optic lines to every home in Malaysia's major urban areas. To reach every home in the country, this investment will need to increase to US$15.55 billion.

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