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Estonia urges for cooperation against cyber crimes

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While addressing the General Assembly of the United Nations, Estonian President Toomas Hendrik has said that the international community should step up its efforts to defeat cyber crime, by enacting comprehensive law of cyberspace. Cyber attacks prove contemporary asymmetrical threats to security. In the future, it is expected that the cyber attacks may in the hands of criminals or terrorists become a considerably more widespread and dangerous weapon than they are at present. However, the threat posed by cyber attacks was often underestimated because they have so far not resulted in the loss of any lives and many attacks are not publicized for security reasons.

Toomas Hendrik has called for cyber crimes to be defined internationally and generally condemned in the way that terrorism or human trafficking is denounced. The President welcomed the launch of the Global Cybersecurity Agenda of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), and said the UN should serve as the “neutral and legitimate forum” for the eventual creation of a globally negotiated and comprehensive law of cyberspace.



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