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ICT Solutions for Brunei’s e-Government

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Brunei Darussalam has successfully harnessed the power of ICT to the operational and technical advantage. The introduction of ICT provides an opportunity for Brunei Darussalam to develop a variety of government strategies and initiatives as well as the ability to promote efficiency in the workforce through better and faster delivery of services.

Brunei Darussalam has taken a highly proactive and positive role in the development of ICT sectors. His Majesty the Sultan dan Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam aims to establish electronic governance and services to best service the nation. The e-Government projects are implemented to ensure the public and business communities will he able to receive effective services from the government agencies and at the sonic to enable the development and growth of the economy. The ICT programmes will serve as the catalysts in the country's development while introducing a work culture that is more effective, proactive and transparent. The public services should be dynamic and expose to the current environment so that it will be able to bring about a paradigm swift and a change of positive attitude in the era of modernisation and globalisation.

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