July 2007

Designing the Z Axis, the Eureka Way

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Capt. Kamaljeet Singh Brar, CEO, Designmate
in conversation with digital LEARNING

'As the only animation house in the field of educational content, we have been able to compile a huge volume of data- 135 gigs of top drawer quality animations. Eureka, Designmate's core product and the dynamic teaching aid, with its 3D animation, helps students in grasping complex scientific concepts relatively faster.'

The present day innovations (like that of Designmate's) in education, challenge the present pedagogy and schooling system. What are you views on this?

Your statement is both true and false. Eureka, our futuristic software, or an innovation as you put it, does not really challenge the pedagogy and schooling system. Whatever innovation that any producer introduces has to be within the present system, to be acceptable. We as content producers or generators do have to contend with the inherent resistance, which is a part of the dynamics associated with any change.

The basic concept of Eureka is to be a tool for the teacher, to put across complex topics, for easy comprehension. Individuals, especially children, find it difficult to perceive and conceive in the 3rd dimension

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