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Illinois Govt launches Online Meth Registry

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Illinois Government has launched Methamphetamine Manufacturing Registry, a new tool available on the Illinois State Police website, which allows communities and law enforcement the opportunity to view the names of offenders who have been convicted of manufacturing meth.

The registry provides people statewide with a resource to identify those who have been convicted of manufacturing this drug and help them engage in the fight to stop production in their neighborhoods. The Methamphetamine Manufacturing Registry contains the name, date of birth, offense, conviction date and county where the offense took place. The database will be updated daily and allows an individual the capability to search by name, county of conviction or date of conviction. It is an important tool to protect citizens by identifying individuals who have a history of meth production. Information posted on the registry is provided by the Office of the Circuit Clerk regarding individuals convicted in the previous month of participation in methamphetamine manufacturing. In addition, the Illinois Department of Corrections will forward a list of all persons who are incarcerated or on mandatory supervised release for a conviction of meth manufacturing for inclusion on the site.

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