June 2007

Enabling technologies for differently abled

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Empowering the physically challenged

For too long, it has been observed that the benefits of ICTs are not reaching the visually and physically-challenged persons. However, things are changing slowly and steadily. Multi-national IT giants have started producing interactive-softwares for the visually-challenged. IBM is soon going to launch a multimedia browser code-named the Accessibility Browser or A-browser, in order to make audio and video content accessible to people with vision impairments. The software has been created by a blind employee of IBM in Japan named Dr. Chieko Asakawa. Nowadays, innovative softwares are also being produced by the common man, which are much cheaper than the branded software products. According to one recent news, a visually-impaired student from India has developed 'Brailleface' software, which converts Braille commands into 'Devnagari' script on the computer screen. The point is to reveal that a licensed copy of Microsoft's JAWS

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