Soon National e-Payment system in Oman

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Oman is making its steps towards e-Governance by launching National e-Payment system this year. Information Technology Authority (ITA) of Oman will launch e-Payment gateway this year.

ITA has signed an agreement with MasterCard Worldwide and BankMuscat to launch the 'national e-Payment gateway' to provide an e-Governance infrastructure and full e-commerce facilities that allow secure online payments. The state-of-the-art e-Payment solution will support the delivery of e-Services of the public sector and will also assist the private sector's moves into e-Commerce. The e-Payment gateway will enable efficient electronic transactions in Oman, and simplify the processing of payment transactions for electronic services within the country. The government, in its e-governance strategy, has identified electronic payments, particularly Internet-enabled payments, as a critical shared service within the e-Governance architecture. The national e-Payment gateway platform will use the MasterCard Gateway Service (MiGS) provided by MasterCard. MiGS is a turnkey payment solution for merchants and organisations that require a secure and more efficient way to process payments from customers across all acceptance channels.



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