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Dubai's e-Government is aiming to achieve 90% of services available online by the end of 2007. The Government is planning to enhance the delivery of public services to the region by announcing 90% of all government services will be available by the end of this year.


Dubai's e-Government is proud to showcase its portfolio of e-Services to the upper echelons of the Middle Eastern business community at the International Conference on Technology (ICT), Cairo. Dubai's e-Government is promoting the development of e-Governance throughout the region. The e-Governance system develops a transparent relationship between citizens and governments. Soon Dubai citizens will see the government officials on TV or in the newspaper. Dubai e-government has recently introduced several new initiatives directed at achieving 90% of the government's services provision through non-conventional means by the end of 2007. Through Dubai e-government's comprehensive web portal, citizens, residents, visitors and business enterprises can access more than 2,000 electronic services, including payment of traffic fines, payment of Municipality fees, applying for visas for friends and relatives, renewing health cards, company registration, among others.

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