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March 2007

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Getting a voice in cyberspace

Audio for social movements in campaign mode, everyone understands the importance of getting a voice in the media. The problem is, the mainstream media often trivializes or misunderstands your cause. So? You needn't just sit back and groan. Technology is today increasingly placing the tools in the hands of those who want to wield them. And it's getting simpler, more affordable and freer all the time.

Concepts like 'social software' and 'participatory media' keep getting mentioned. Can these really help to make the campaigner more effective in computer-mediated communication? Can it enable people to collaborate more effectively?
Social software, on Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia .org/wiki/ Social_software

Bangladeshi school students discuss climate change in online forum

School students throughout Bangladesh recently participated in an online discussion on climate change. The online forum is hosted by Relief International- Bangladesh and is a part of Global Connections and Exchange Project which has set up Internet enabled telecenters in Bangladeshi schools. Each month the project conducts an online collaborative project involving students from Bangladesh and abroad. Students did online research and discovered the concepts of climate change and global warming and their importance. Through Internet searches and the use of online libraries, students attempted to define and explain climate change and global warming. In groups, students researched their community's contribution to climate change. With this knowledge in hand, students brainstormed a local organization or business that they felt either a) contributes to climate change and the greenhouse effect or b) helps to prevent climate change and the greenhouse effect.,

Defining e-Government: a citizen-centric criteria-based approach

E-governance Compendium 2007, brought out by the Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances (DARPG) on the occasion of 10th National Conference on e-Governance, February 2-3, 2006, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, under the theme: avant-garde issues in e-governance. The paper is available for download in the Files section of the group:http://tech. com/group/ cyber_quiz/ .
projects. May be of interest to the members of the group.

India a 'promising' destination for community radio

One-step forward, two steps back…is this the fate of non-commercial, non-state radio broadcasting in Asia? It would seem so, going by the perceptions of a campaigner trying to promote community radio even as he says India holds out hope. Community radio – also called rural radio, cooperative radio, participatory radio, free radio, alternative, popular or educational radio – operates out of rural or urban areas, is broadcast to small areas and offers alternate, non-commercial, non-state voices to a diverse set of people via the radio. India has just opened up its 'community radio' possibilities with a new official policy announced in mid-November 2006. Earlier, for a couple of years, it was mostly 'campus radio' stations that were being allowed.
http://www.hindusta news/181_ 1924420,0008.htm

Launch of Brazilian Portal to Promote National ICT Development


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