February 2007


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3.25 CRORES OF RUPEES was detected to have been swindled in bogus refund claims in Delhi. In one case, there were 158 bogus refunds involving Rs 56.07 lakh. There was yet another case of Rs 1.07 crore from 25 fi ctitious companies that was detected in Delhi. In another startling case, refunds worth Rs 1.66 crore were found to have been issued when actually the circle did not even have a jurisdiction over them. The tax frauds have led the Government to embrace e-Refunds.

3,63,055 DOCUMENTS were fi led online in India in just 15 days when the government made e-Filing of documents using digital signatures by authorised signatories mandatory from 16th September 2006. The deadline for e-Filing such documents was 30th September 2006.

105 is the ranking of Vietnam out of 191 nations in accessibility and comprehensiveness of   e-Government, according to a report by the United Nations. There are only 49 cities and  provinces across the country with their own websites and only 80% are frequently updated. In the case of ministries, 22 out of 26 ministries and ministerial level agencies have websites, yet only 32% of the available websites offer public services for enterprises and locals.

400 million Pesos is the amount of savings made this year by the Philippine government owing to its e-Procurement system, according to fi gures released by the Department of Budget and Management. The Philippine e- Procurement System was particularly successful in the Department of Education, which saw procurement costs cut by 50% and the purchase of medical and health supplies which experienced a 30% saving.

1.50 lakh companies out of 7.50 lakh companies registered online with the Registrar of Companies under the MCA21 project in India were found to be either defunct or inactive, according to the Ministry of Commerce, Government of India. The implementation of MCA21 would help in clear identifi cation of such companies, the Ministry said.

16,000 prisoners, 40,000 fi ngerprints, and 60,000 photographs –– is the huge database of Tihar Jail, India’s largest and Asia’s second largest prison. The implementation of the PMS (Prison Management Systems), developed and implemented by the NIC (National Informatics Centre), at the Tihar Jail has made administration a simple task, and is proving to be the right tool to enhance effi ciency of the administrative mechanism.

189.2 million US$ is the amount spent by US agencies on the e-Government initiatives, while fee-for-service generated about US$240 million in fi scal 2006, according to the report “Expanding E-Government: Making a Difference for the American People Using Information Technology”. For fi scal 2007, OMB (Offi ce of Management and Budget) estimates agencies would chip in US$156.5 million, while fees would bring in about US$301 million.

1.4 million Australians have been issued e-Passports as Customs authorities prepare for the debut of the country’s fi rst major biometric passenger control system in Brisbane in February. The electronic passports fi rst became available in October 2005. Australia had a total of 8.9 million passport holders. About 1.2 million a year are being added.
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