February 2007


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Indian Government plans to put land records online

The Department of Land Reforms under the Ministry of Rural Development is planning to launch a Comprehensive Modernisation of Land Records (CMLR) system for farmers of India.

The Ministry of Rural Development is planning to launch CMLR, which will make all records of land in the country online by the end of 11th Five Year plan. According to the scheme, using aerial survey and digital mapping would computerise all records for land and other immovable properties. These computerised land records will be equipped with an automated system, which will keep records of all transactions that can be accessed online. The computerised records will be connected with a national Management Information System (MIS). This will generate a reliable database on land ownership, tenancy rights, crop details, land revenue, sources of irrigation and previous transactions. The proposed scheme will replace two existing central schemes of computerisation of land records (CLR) and strengthening of revenue administration (SRA). 

Community radio

PRSA helps communities of India and Nepal

Panos Radio South Asia (PRSA) is proving benefits and helping local communities of India and Nepal.

Panos Radio South Asia (PRSA) is providing information to local communities of India and Nepal. In Budikote village of Karnataka, India PRSA is providing programmes based on agriculture, banking, health, and governance broadcast by a community cable audio network. While in Palpa, small town of Nepal, PRSA is helping school children via community radio


Sony offers eCommerce platform in China

Sony Hong Kong has retained the Customer Relationship Management (CRM), mobile Internet, eCommerce, entertainment and gaming technology in China, Pacificnet to provide eCommerce solutions in China.

The Sony style eCommerce platform will include key Internet applications like mass multi-user, online log-in registration, administration, MySony membership management, billing, sales and order reports, warehouse inventory management and backend ERP interface with SAP systems, firewall and load-balancing systems, Web+ application servers, credit-card security management and a shopping cart and payment system which enables customers to purchase products from Sony Style online, and make payment online using a credit card. Sony Style Studio allows members to share digital content like photos, images and videos with other members. The Sony Style Shop is an online shopping portal for customers, allowing them to review and purchase various Sony products.  


Brunei delivers ICT in the Kampong

The Ministry of Home Affairs of has signed a contract with ZNet Technologies to promote eLiteracy programme at Kampong.

The Ministry has signed a contract with ZNet for supply, delivery, testing, training and maintenance of IT facilities for the ministry and all departments under it. The IT facility would be provided to all Penghulus and Ketua Kampungs. The prime objective of the project is to equip every officer and staff of the ministry with eLiteracy and enable them to effectively use this skill to perform their jobs more efficiently. The supply of IT facilities will include computers, notebooks, printers, Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office software, which is expected to be completed in approximately six months. The Government will also provide training to 1500 officers and staff members of the ministry. Ministry is also planning to enter into the online eGovernment era like web-portals, electronic filing, document management, project management, administration processes, asset and inventory management and eLearning.


British Council launches training programme to implement ICT in UAE schools

British Council has launched the project, which is aimed to introduce effective use of ICT in schools in UAE. British Council is to bring together teachers and GGC and UK policymakers to introduce ICT.

UNESCO launches teacher-training programme in Africa
UNESCO has launched a high-priority 'Initiative on Teacher Training' in sub-Saharan Africa. This initiative will assist the continent's 46 sub-Saharan countries in restructuring national teacher policies and teacher education.

The main aim of the training programme is to improve the quality of teaching across the continent. In this initiative, 17 countries are participating, including Angola, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cape Verde, Central African Republic, Chad, Congo, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia, Ghana, Guinea, Madagascar, Niger, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, United Republic of Tanzania, and Zambia. TTISSA will link and create synergies from the other core Initiatives, the Literacy Initiative for Empowerment (LIFE) and the Global Initiative on Education and HIV and AIDS (EDUCAIDS).

The British Council has completed its first teacher-training programme for UAE national schools for vision impaired. The UAE Ministry of Education, Abu Dhabi Education Council, Dubai Education Council and the British Council are collaborating on the project held at the Abu Dhabi Education Council's Emirates National Centre for Educational Development. British Council launched this training programme with the support of Ministries of Education. The British Council has collaborated with UK education consultants to provide training on ICT tools for education, including eLanguages and Global Gateway. The British Council is also working on the ICT in Schools project in co-operation with all the Education Zones in the UAE. The training workshop is aimed to increase the skills of teachers in the use of ICT in the classroom and to develop the level of confidence in the use of online tools for international collaboration in education. All UK schools have broadband connections and the aim in the UK is to create eConfident schools, effectively using ICT in management, learning and communications to parents.

Microsoft ties with IEG to educate students on Microsoft technologies

Microsoft Corporation India Pvt. Ltd has tied up with the Institute of Electronic Governance (IEG), Andhra Pradesh (India) to educate students on next-generation Microsoft tools and technologies.

According to the agreement, students in Andhra Pradesh would be able to develop skills of next-generation Microsoft tools and technologies including Net.Microsoft and IEG will together on five e-Governance projects. Microsoft will provide training programme to students, who are in pre-final year BE, Btech and MCA courses. The company will provide training to about 1500 students in a month

ICT Minister plans to revoke Cabinet's revolution in Thailand

The ICT Minister is planning to propose to revoke the resolution of the last Cabinet regarding service telecom deals in Thailand Sitthichai Phokaiudom, ICT Minister has proposed to cancel the resolution of the last Cabinet regarding previous telecom deals. The deals between between TOT and Advanced Info Service (AIS) have caused a 50 billion loss to the country. Asset Examination Committee (AEC) will take further steps after allegations of graft are found.

Microsoft awarded communities for helping people with learning disabilities

The software giant, Microsoft has awarded community groups working to help people with learning disabilities use computers and improve their IT skills.

Microsoft has given

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