February 2007


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Vietnam's first Mobile Internet library launched

Vietnam's first mobile Internet library has been launched to serve rural and suburban areas.

The library will have a multimedia room with a computer network, CD-ROMs, 1,500 scientific documentaries, special documentaries for the blind, and others. Korea based LG Electronics Corp., has granted US$85,000 to the library. The library is especially meant to serve people, youth without any charges. 

Computers with home-grown CPU debut on Chinese market

The first batch of 80 computers powered by home-grown Chinese CPUs are undergoing user tests,

The computer, which uses a Linux operating system, comes with a 40-gigabyte hard drive and 256 megabytes of memory. It costs 1,599 yuan (about 200 U.S. dollars), and users have to buy the monitor, keyboard and mouse separately.

China started CPU research and development in 2001, and the first chip, Godson I, came out in September 2002, bringing the country's microprocessor industry a step closer to the world leading manufacturers in the United States and Japan. China has since developed three more generations of the Godson

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