January 2007


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30% is the overall Internet accessibility rate in Asia in 2005 as compared with 1997. the access levels   in India surged 132% during the period.

5 Universities, 51 learning centres, 10 super specialty hospitals and 52 patient-end locations in   rural areas spread all over Africa would be connected through seamless and integrated satellite, fibre optics and wireless network to be provided by India, under the Pan-African e-Network project, a joint India- African Union initiative.

3,550 square km is the range covered under the Akshaya e- Governance project in Kerala, India. This is one of the world’s largest wireless Internet Protocol-based networks connecting 47 police stations and 37 government taluk offices.

36,262 corporate returns were received by the income-tax department through e-Filing up till November 2006 for the assessment year 2006-07. For companies, e-Filing has become  mandatory in India.

16,000 customers were introduced to the e-Government services through 36 UK online  centres, according to a research. It was found that 97% of them felt reassured by having staff around to support their first digital transactions.

225% is the rate of laptop ownership increase in Asia in 2005, while in India the increase was of only 10%. Desktop ownership increased 36 per cent in India compared with 45 per cent in the region.

44 million AED (US$11.9 million) is the amount spent on online transactions by Dubai  Government at the start of 2006 compared to just over 200,000 AED (US$54,000) in 2003. Dubai Government wants to ensure that 50% of transactions are carried out online and also has a target to put 90% of its services online by the end of 2007.

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