January 2007

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Free screenplay editing and scripting software

If one writes screenplays for film, video, theatre, and animation for Windows, OSX or Linux, Celtx is the tool for you. Creators say, “Celtx has an industry standard screenplay editor with all of the features writers need to keep their fingers moving, like intuitive formatting, text auto-complete, pagination, script styles, CAPS selection, scene management, spellchecker, embedded notes, find and replace, and PDF generation.”
Courtesy: George Lessard,

Pakistan: wireless rural connectivity buzz

Local and international experts gathered in Lahore, Pakistan for a two-day workshop discussing the potential for wireless connectivity to connect rural areas. Pakistan Software Houses Association (P@SHA) invited Malcolm Matson (OPLAN UK), Jim Forster (Cisco), and Vickram Crishna (India) who stressed the need for creating a network project in a local community. Local industry leaders deliberated case scenarios for Pakistan. The event, a first, was supported by Intel, Cisco, FOSS Pakistan and BytesForAll Network South Asia.
Courtesy: Fouad Riaz Bajwa,

India: women and ICT enterprises

Nearly 150 women entrepreneurs met in Tamil Nadu, India, to exchange ideas and opportunities ICTs offer them. The two-day workshop titled “Women Run ICT Enterprises” was organised by the Indian Association for Women in IT (IAWIT). Speakers from leading IT and tech firms briefed participants on their entrepreneurial experience citing cases in call centres, self-help groups, digital publishing, disaster recovery, etc.
Courtesy: Kris Dev,

ICT solution exchange eMail group

Sai Sreekanth makes invitation to join a solution exchange group on ICT for Development community in India spearheaded by the UN. Sign up here: http://www.solutionexchange-un.net.in/index.htm
Courtesy: Sai Sreekanth,

Radio Sagarmatha wins AMARC prize

Radio Sagarmatha, the pioneering Kathmandu-based community radio broadcaster, has been awarded the AMARC International Solidarity Prize 2006 in recognition of its outstanding work in defence of human rights and democracy in Nepal. The Prize is awarded every four years. The AMARC International Solidarity Prize was accepted in Amman by Mohan Bista, Durga Karki and Raghu Mainali on behalf of all of the independent radio in Nepal.
Courtesy: Bazlur Rahman,

e-Content Roadmap for India

Feedback is invited for the 'e-Content Roadmap for India' prepared by the Digital Empowerment Foundation as an outcome of International Conference on e-Commerce and sustainability. The document is a draft guideline for content creators, activists, policymakers and ICT-related individuals who are sharing community ecosystems.
Courtesy: Osama Manzar,

Linspire out in ME and Africa

Linspire, Inc., developer of the commercial desktop Linux operating system, announced a strategic partnership today with Business International to bring Linspire's desktop Linux operating system to the Middle East and African markets. Headed by former Microsoft ME Executive, Mohamad Jarrar, Business International is positioned to bring desktop Linux to the growing emerging markets in the Middle East and African countries. Business International will focus efforts in Algeria, Bahrain, Cyprus, Egypt, India, Jordan, Kenya, Lebanon, Morocco, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Yemen and more.
Courtesy: Badar Khushnood,

Translate.org wins African ICT Achiever

Translate.org.za has won the prestigious African ICT Achiever 2006 Award for bridging the digital divide in Africa by breaking down the language barrier! Translate.org.za's work has included the translation of computer software into the elevan official languages of South Africa using locally based translators; and more recently the creation of the first all-South African language keyboard

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