December 2006


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Change Management is the Formula!

Karthik KS is one of the prominent leaders in the Intellectual Capital Management Space in India. The Founder and CEO of 24×7 Learning- one among India's leading e-learning Implementation Companies, Karthik leads the company's efforts to capitalize on long-term growth opportunities and align its operations with key customer segments in the global market place. Karthik is strengthening the company's presence in key markets ranging from enterprises to vertical industries. He has been greatly successful in implementing company policies and business strategies positioning the company as a leading brand. Karthik has an in-depth knowledge of Intellectual Capital Management in Enterprises right from technology to users and also the commercial point of view. He has been at the helm of some of the best e-learning Corporate Implementations in India. So what does this active proponent of e-learning in India think on enterprise e-learning in the country?

'Two things I'd like to emphasise- one is- stay focussed. This is very easy in today's time in India. Success is all about saying 'NO'. Anything comes on your way is an opportunity though, but they are not the opportunities of success for you. Stay focussed to the thing only on which you are a specialist.'

Probably this focussed vision has helped this start-up e-learning company to see its business very good today. Although there are still miles to go, last year it grew @100% and this year it is growing at 400%. 24×7 has bagged the 'Red Herring Asia' award recently as the most promising young company, recognised as one of the 100 private Asian firms driving the future of technology.

But then why India and why education gets this focus? 'Our market is India; we remain focussed to India. The reason is

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