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Flemish Government wins two e-Governance awards

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The Flemish Government has won two e-Government awards at the 'Agoria ICT e-Gov Awards' on 1 December for projects developed by EDS and the EDS-Telindus Consortium.

The Belgian employer federation Agoria ICT organised the awards. The first award is for e-Governance project named 'e-Regeren', a Microsoft Sharepoint-based solution for the Flemish Government to improve internal efficiencies when circulating internal documents. The “eRegeren” project aims is to simplify the placement of documents on the government's agenda. “eRegeren” e-Governance project ensures that record can be exchanged through an electronic platform and documents may be signed with an electronic identity card. The second award is for the project “e-Government Studietoelagen,” a new application for the handling and payment of scholarship applications. The application allows the re-use of historic data and has interfaces with external databases. As a consequence, civil servants need to request much less data from citizens. Moreover, records are processed more efficiently, processing time is shortened and quality is improved.

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