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Good effort

Please refer to the news “Krishnagiri district administration initiates e-Governance project” posted on ents.asp?newsid=5853 dated October 16.  Good effort by the admin people. Guess this is the beginning of effective system
Rajkumar R., India

Implementing ‘Sakshat’ in India

Please refer to the news “Sakshat, new e-Learning programme launched in India” posted on dated October 31. Is this implemented anywhere yet? Or is there a sample design or prototype?
Bipin Prasad, USA

Common Service Centres

Common service Centre project proposed by Government of India is also targeting setting up of kiosks to be operated on a franchisee-based model. In Kerala, it has already begun in Malappuram district and about 150 entrepreneurs are already doing e-Pay and e-Krishi. Anyway it is a good sign. Competition means better facility on cheap rate to public and we should support the projects which are innovative.
V.R.Ajith Kumar, India

Open Standards based e-Governance

Please refer to the article “Open Standards based e-Governance” published in October 2006 issue of egov Magazine. This is an excellent article that enlightens us to the issues of Open technologies and for the need to adopt Open Standards for e-Governance. This article is a must read for all policy makers.
Chandrashekhar, India

Excellent article to go through. Provides very useful insights for all stakeholder groups in e-Governance.
Lovneesh Chanana, India

e-Governance impacts Gujarat

Please refer to the article “e-Governance impacts Gujarat: Corruption reduced, tax revenues increase at interstate border checkposts” published in January 2006 issue of egov. This article gives me a lot of pleasure. In fact during my tenure as State Informatics Officer in Gujarat, I had taken the initiative of bridging the digital divide at the check posts. When I went to the CP near Shamlaji in Himmatnagar, I had gone to the counter and immediately some one pushed a 50-rupee note. I spent the whole day there along with my colleagues. This was at the Sales Tax Counter. I further probed why suddenly trucks disappeared after the drivers were asked to show proper papers.

I had made them follow two trucks along with me and found that the driver’s licenses were retained by the owners. And this factor was overcome by giving money to the people at the Sales Tax. I also saw that the Transport Department man was lying on a cot and the trucks passing by would give money to a bearer. I came back to Ahmedabad and insisted the then Sales Tax Commissioner Mr Jose and the Transport Commissioner Mr Arvind Agarwal to convene a joint meeting at the Check post and it was decided to implement a common software on a stand alone basis. The NIC took responsibilities of providing the hardware and also the software. We had also posted a person for at least a month for making the system comfortable for the people at the Offices there. Two months after the implementation, I again went to the CP and saw the Officials very happy as they said that they could recover their quota of funds in less than fifteen days. When I asked why they were not raising more fund, they said that the truckers used a bye pass where there was no CP. I asked them if they had informed the Commissioner the answer was in the negative. When I returned back to Ahmedabad, I wrote a note to the Commissioner about this and immediately, he installed a mobile squad on the byepass. Ten days later, About 150 truckers gathered at the original checkpost and destroyed the computers, etc. This excited the then Chief Minister and the process of bridging the digital divided started. This process may also be followed by other States. Leakages are happening there. Thus there is a need to strengthen the checkposts and involving all stakeholders as a single window system.
Dr Subir Roy, India

[Edior’s Note: This article appeared in the January 2006 issue of egov. The writer read this article on egov website and sent his comments on 13th October 2006.]

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