Book Received
October 2006

Book Received

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ICT for Social Welfare
The Policy Press
Authors : Luke Geoghegan and Jason Lever with Ian McGimpsey
ISBN: 1861345054
Pages: 194

A valuable treatise for the social cares practitioners and government officers at local level, to help themselves with the benefits of ICTs and harness it successfully to the development of modern public services.
The book looks into the current context and use of ICT in the public and voluntary sectors and builds on this to provide practical guidance for practitioners. It provides the ideas, tools and resources to think critically and creatively about current ICT practice and inspires to implement a positive change at individual, team and organisational level. Some of the important aspects covered in the book are introduction to ICT in relevance to people and society, in social welfare practice, modelling information flows and needs in improving service quality, improving organisational effectiveness, exclusion and the digital divide,
e-Government, and emerging technology.


OECD e-Government Studies, Norway
Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
ISBN: 926401067X
Pages: 200

The book provides an in-depth analysis of e-Government in
Norway from the perspectives of the government. Progress has been tracked and the unresolved challenges the Norwegian government faces in implementing
e-Goverance have also been analysed in terms of policy cycle, role of the central state as a policy actor, etc.
Norway has been active in using ICT that provides important tools for attaining efficiency in government activities, bringing qualitative improvement to public services and mechanisms of government’s functioning. The report thus proposes for action ways to improve the delivery of electronic services to citizens, to understand public demand for online services and participation in government, to develop frameworks for monitoring and evaluation of e-Government, to respond to agencies’ demands for more central guidance, and to improve co-ordination. The important aspects covered in this book are assessment and proposals for action, e-Government structure, external barriers to e-Gover- nance, planning and leadership, organisational change, user-focussed e-Governance, monitoring and evaluation of case studies, etc.

TRADE AND GENDER Opportunities and Challenges for Developing Countries
United Nations Publications
Author: United Nations
ISBN: 9211126347
Pages: 504

The book is the outcome of the findings undertaken by the task force of the UN Inter-Agency Network on Women and Gender Equality. The members of the task force study the interconnections between trade and gender from different perspectives.
The objective is to identify and review some complex technical issues with a view to sensitising policy-makers on the importance of these issues, fostering discussion among experts and providing a good basis for consensus-building.  It proves to be an important statistical and analytical tool for presenting the gender problem at a global level as well as demonstrating the need for the empowerment and participation of women in economic and social processes. Case studies of women in various countries and regions enrich the documentation of women’s contribution. Some important aspects covered in the book are: an introduction providing an overview of the main arguments and importance of integrating gender considerations into trade and development issues. Next, it focuses on sectoral analysis of crucial negotiating areas in which women workers predominate such as agriculture, textiles, services and TRIPS. Studies of women in various countries and regions have enriched the documentation with their contribution. It also looks into the formal linkage of Human Rights-Gender- and
Trade issues. It eloquently elaborates upon the undeniable fact that gender equality is a  matter of human rights, and therefore can
be incorporated into all socio economic processes and policy
planning, particularly those referring to trade liberalisation.
Precisely a pro-active voice has been given to women in entirety in this book.

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