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South Korea to provide IT expertise to UAE

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South Korea has offered to provide the UAE with know-how in cutting-edge IT technologies such as e-Government and broadband infrastructure.

South Korean Prime Minister Han Myeong-sook told Gulf News Korean knowledge would help the UAE in the construction and management of Ubiquitous City known as U-City. The development, which it is said will exemplify a digital way of life and may be built in the Palm Island, will see all major information systems, such as for residential, medical, and government, share data, with computers built into the houses and office buildings and even positioned on streets. The UAE and Korea concluded an IT memorandum of understanding in May to establish a close IT cooperation system jointly pursued by the private sector and the government. Korea hopes to see active exchanges with the UAE in the areas of IT research development and human resource development, through IT training education and programs on masters and PhD degrees in IT.

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