September 2006

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The months of July and August saw terror raising its ugly head again. Mumbai-India suffering from a series of train bomb blasts and UK, luckily escaping similar mid-air blasts. We at Bytes For All, hope for new beginnings and a life free of terror and most importantly a life where each an express his/her free opinion. The ban on blogs, blogging and how the cyber community forged ahead despite bans at various times seem to have dominated reader postings on the BFA list this month.

India blocks blog sites after blasts:
Post Mumbai blasts; bloggers in India got a rude shock when the Indian government banned some popular blogging sites, which apparently had a tinge of communalism. A report about the same was posted on the list by one of our readers George Lessard.
Read the full report at Hardcore bloggers would certainly feel strongly about the ban. And Fredrick Noronha of BFA submitted an interesting post to the list, which contained some of the counter arguments made by bloggers against the ban. Read on:



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