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e-Government scores stabilised in USA

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According to the Executive Branch Management Scorecard (USA), after a quarter of falling, e-Government scores on the President's Management Agenda, stabilised overall with a few improvements in the third quarter of fiscal 2006.

A green score means an agency is implementing its initiatives as planned; it is the top rating an agency can receive. Yellow shows a need for adjustments to achieve the objectives in a timely manner, and red means an initiative is in serious jeopardy. The score card evaluates agencies in five areas on the President's Management Agenda: workforce, competitive sourcing, financial performance, e-Government, and budget and performance integration. Of the 26 departments and agencies on the score card, 16 earned red scores in financial performance, the most failing scores of any category. No ratings changed in that category from last quarter. The workforce category had 15 green scores, the most of the five categories.



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