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A website named 'Debate Europe', launched in 21 languages in March 2006 by the European Commission as part of Plan D for Democracy, Dialogue and Debate to facilitate debate at the European level, is being praised as a success by the EU.


The commission has said the website has proved to be a real success with an average of 200,000 hits a month and 12,700 comments posted. Hits are the measure of the number of items downloaded form a web server – and a page may contain 20-100 constituent items and hence hits. On this forum, European citizens can participate in discussions focused on 3 major topics: Europe's economic and social development feeling towards Europe and the Union's tasks and Europe's borders and its role in the world. The discussion is now mainly focused on the English (56%), the French (23%) and the German (7%) channels. The contributions can be made in the 20 official languages of the European Union as well as in Catalan. Besides taking part in the debates, visitors of the website can also read contributions, also podcasted, by members of the European Commission and the President of the Economic and Social Committee.



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