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July 2006

Books received

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The African Digital Commons
A Participant's Guide 2005 (available in English and French)
Downloadable from:
Lead Writers: Chirs Armstong and Heather Ford
Published by: Commons Sense Project and Links Centre of Wits University, Joburg, South Africa
Pages: 74
This report is a result of the Commons Sense project ( and the Links Centre, Wits University, Johannesburg, South Africa ( The report is a broad mapping of the people, issues, processes, policies and projects that would help African activists to develop a collective understanding of intellectual property laws and policies. The report is an evolving document with inputs from a number of people, who have helped in conceptualising it. “The Digital Information Commons” as a concept can be understood by reflecting on the opportunities and challenges thrown up with the advent of digitisation and convergence. g

Copyright and Access to Knowledge
Policy Recommendations on Flexibilities in Copyright Laws
Downloadable from:
Published by: Consumers International, Kuala Lumpur
ISBN 1-902391-55-1
Pages: 84
At a point when access to knowledge is found critical for developing countries who seek to educate their masses, the international copyright regime at the same time is developed in a manner to curtail that access to knowledge. Consumers International has come out with this research report that examines the existing international instruments on copyright in order to identify the provisions for national lawmakers to improve access to educational materials in their respective countries.
The report examines the copyright laws of eleven countries of Asia Pacific region, namely Bhutan, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Mongolia, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines and Thailand. The study makes an interpretation of the copyright legislation of these countries only, keeping out the other related rights like rights given to the performers or producer of broadcasting organizations. The reference is made only to the Berne Convention for the protection of Literary and Artistic works, TRIPS (Agreement on trade related aspects of Intellectual Property Rights) and WCT (World Intellectual Property Organisation Copyright Treaty) in the whole study.
The report also presents a comparative price survey of book prices in some countries. Researched by Wang Min Yen and edited by Rajeswari Kanniah of Consumers International Asia Pacific Office, the report will be a good reference piece for the researchers and will be able to develop evidence based policy recommendations in the areas of copyright practices and access to knowledge. g

The Copy/South Dossier
Issues in the economics, politics, and ideology of copyright in the global South, May 2006
Downloadable from:
Edited by: Alan Story, Colin Darch and Debora Halbert
Researched and published by :The Copy/South Research Group
ISBN 978-0-9553140-0-1 (downloadable online edition)
978-0-9553140-1-8 (printed edition)
Pages: 210
Not restricted by copyright the collection of over 50 very well researched essays on the impact

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