April 2006

Books received

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Cisco Systems has shared series of publications carrying essays from various ICT innovators. Here three books of that series are being showcased which might of interest to our readers.

Connected Workforce
Thought Leaders: Essays from innovators in business mobility
Published by: Premium Publishing, London
Edited by: Simon Aspinall and Anja Jacquin Langer
ISBN 0-9546445-9-X
Pages: 144

To keep balance with the changing pace of the work environment, mobile technologies can provide a true potential in the workplace. This book has showcased fourteen informative articles to understand the potential of this emerging technology for improving the workplace in terms of efficiency and productivity. This technology can make the workforce act as an environment of connected intelligence. With the increasing mobility of the society, the decentralized markets, organisations and societies are being emerged. In this trend, the scope of availing more sustainable advantage lies with those organizations that change their business models and processes to embrace. The essays in this book have highlighted such opportunities and also on the main providers of mobility. The essays have truly visualized that 'how the future unfolds will depend on the ability of service providers and businesses to work hand-in-hand to shape mobile solutions and incorporate them into business processes'.

Connected Cities
Thought Leaders: Essays from innovators
Published by: Premium Publishing, London
Edited by: Simon Willis
ISBN 0-9546445-1-4
Pages: 116


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