Asha: A hope for farmers in India

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The Government of India is doing its best to equip agricultural sector with the latest methods of farming. Project Asha is designed to provide agri-business services through Community Information Centers (CIC) so that farmers can get real time information. The Assam State Centre was the implementer of the project.

Oracle collaborated with NIC Assam to create a reliable and secured single-source architecture of e-Governance services. This is how Asha born. Farmers no longer need to rely on traders for information as they can avail the same from Asha. The Asha services portal offers services on five different sectors of farming. These include agriculture, horticulture, animal husbandry, fisheries and sericulture. This project with the help of portal offers modern cultivation and management practices of a number of crops. The project utilises a central Oracle database, which houses all agribusiness information, useful for the audience.

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