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ICT Policies and e-Strategies in the Asia-Pacific
A critical assessment of the way forward
Published by: ELSEVIER, A Division of Reed Elsevier India Private Limited, New Delhi, India
Edited by: Phet Sayo, James George Chacko and Gopi Pradhan
ISBN 81-8147-513-5
Pages: 208

At the time when the nations in the Asia-Pacific region continue to conceptualise, implement and monitor their ICT policies and e-Strategies, the analysis of the best practices, modalities and strategies is most important. This book provides overview of ICT policies and e-Strategies currently implemented by various countries of the Asia-Pacific region. It features revised versions of the papers presented in the Asian Forum on ICT Policies and e-Strategies in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, held by UNDP-APDIP in 2003. Apart from those papers, the book also consists of an introductory chapter that provides idea about the emerging trend of e-Strategies within the Asia-Pacific region. This book is a part of a three volume series, all of which stemmed from the Asian forum. The three volume series may initiate further discussion among the policy makers, private sector and civil society representatives, development and donor agencies on the role and importance of the ICT policies and e-Strategies.  

Promoting ICT for Human Development in Asia 2004
Realising the Millennium Development Goals

Published by:
Pages: 96

ICT seems to be an indispensable tool in the fight against poverty. Although the nations of the Asia-Pacific regions are on the process to utilise the potential of ICT to change the course of development, but the benefits of ICTs have not yet progressed at the same pace across the nations throughout the world. This book is a country study of India, one of the ninestudies in the Asia-Pacific region undertaken to feed into the Regional Human Development Report on 'Promoting ICT for Human Development in Asia'. The study was initiated with the aim of examining the question of how best can ICTs be utilised to bring about social transformation and development. It reveals the ways in which ICTs can be harnessed to best address the key critical concerns and sectors of human development focussing on the very important sectors such as poverty eradication, health care, education, human resources and environmental management and economic development. This book provides a review and assessment of the progress made so far in India in drafting and implementing its national e-Politics and e-Strategies towards national development goals and thoughts and also the MDGs.

An Overview of ICT Policies and e-Strategies of Select Asian Economies
Published by:
ELSEVIER, A Division of Reed Elsevier India Private Limited, New Delhi, India
Author: Emmanuel C Lallana
ISBN 81-8147-753-7
Pages: 47

This publication is part of UNDP-APDIP's ICT4D series. This study is useful to promote the countries of the Asia-Pacific region to learn from each other while incorporating the ICT strategies into their development goals. This study provides an overview of ICT policies in nine Asian countries such as India, Japan, Republic of Korea, Malaysia, Nepal, the Philippines, the
Singapore, Sri Lanka and Vietnam. The entire study has been
divided into three chapters. The first chapter focuses on the
current state of infrastructure development in the nations. The
second chapter reviews the current ICT policies in the countries under study and the third chapter presents a comparative picture of ICT policies. The study emphasises on the need of the government's role in ICT development to implement appropriate e-Strategies and e-Policies in all the nations. This study will help the
readers a clear idea about way of shaping legal and regulatory environment in selected countries to take the advantage of ICT as a development tool.

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