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Police have computers-to-go

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Now Rock Island police in USA will have one of the most advanced mobile computer systems in the Quad-Cities. The mobile data terminals are going into marked squad cars so officers can communicate with one another without radios and have access to computer-based records in their cars.

The information includes the history of police calls to a residence, photos and other details on people who have a police record, the option to do police reports in a squad car and the ability for officers to communicate through text messages. The laptop computers are removable with a key. The new Rock Island equipment is more advanced and uses wireless technology to make it faster than the old radio-based system. If the dispatchers are busy with the public and handling calls, they don't have to take time to look up records for the police officers. Police say the technology is still growing. Soon they could be able to download streaming video to their mobile command terminals, including video taken from inside a bank or store that is being robbed.

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