Providing skilled ICT related jobs to youth : Salah Uddin Ahmed, XayanIT Bangladesh

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Salah Uddin Ahmed is the co-founder, Chief Software Engineer and Chief Operating Officer of XayanIT, an organisation which works with the youth interested in ICT careers. The mission of the organisation is to provide, quality, customised, cost effective ICT consultation, managed services, and web/software R&D that serve clients in Bangladesh and around the world and at the same time to create self-funding, fully sustainable and socially impactful ICT employment for the skilled Bangladeshi youth.

What are the main focus of activities of your organisation?
XayanIT works with skilled youth interested in Information and Communications Technologay (ICT) careers.  It coordinates Human Resource Development (HRD) which uses relevant ICT training, certifications, internships, R&D projects and field work to develop students into skilled and employable individuals. It manages HRD by working closely with organisations that have a stake in education and analyses existing curricula and assesses curriculum needs.  Businesses, NGOs, and universities are key partners in making the internships, field studies, R&D projects, and relevant training curricula possible.


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