September 2005

Conference on ICT and Education, 18-19 October 2005, New Delhi

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How do you teach a class of (mostly bored) students, regular dry subjects of the school curriculum, retain their interest enough for the forty-five minutes of the class hour and also stimulate them enough to ask questions? How do you initiate self-learning and peer learning in a group of pre-teenagers and early teenagers in urban slums or remote rural villages who cannot afford the basic necessities of life? How do you teach adult women and men who have left  school in pre teens?

Today a host of ICT tools are doing just this. But then can it benefit education especially in countries where the limited resource could be better used for increasing the number of schools in rural areas than investing in expensive ICT infrastructure for select schools? Quite a large group of people seems to think it can!

The MDG goal 2 read as 'Education is development



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