A promise whose time has come

A promise whose time has come

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It is often said that the growth of IT in India is not due to the government but inspite of it! And when one talks of China, people say that the reverse is true.


One cannot undermine the role of government in the development of a country. As a senior government official told me once, “What hundreds of private companies or NGOs can achieve in decades is nothing compared to what an active government officer can do in months.”


Information technology is emerging as an important way to re-engineer and bring innovation in government. This is leading to reduced corruption, faster delivery of services, and increased capacity of the government to respond to citizens’ problems.


In developing countries such as India, the private sector with its ever-increasing overseas software business is forcing the governments to explore adopting IT in a proactive way. This is leading to hundreds of isolated champions in the government who are trying to computerise their departments and organisations. Many such initiatives are known but many more are unknown. It is a situation in which every officer has to invent his / her own wheel, and wait and watch. And computerisation is just the first step!


egov magazine is an attempt to help document these successful / unsuccessful initiatives not only from India but from all over the world, especially from the developing countries that are facing similar struggles. Also, we are looking at egov as a forum for viewpoints from citizens, NGOs, private players, academicians, and of course government officials who could share their successes and failures on a single platform.

We look forward to your valuable feedback, suggestions and articles for this magazine!

Ravi Gupta


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