December 2004

2004: An exciting year for the i4d

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In the last one year, i4d team participated and met with a number of people working in the field of ICT4D. The networking opportunities provided by the many ICT events last year, which were extensively covered in the magazine, builds into a platform for knowledge sharing and exchange of new ideas, concepts and practices for documentation and replication.

One such event was organised by the i4d team itself. The 2nd i4d seminar was held in Beijing, China. Generous support from SDC enabled participants from Asia and Africa to present their work and debate on issues, while converging on the development perspectives and agendas. In this issue we bring to the readers some of the papers that were presented, and the authors have rewritten these for the readers of i4d. This is only a selection of the papers presented. To get a feel of the actual presentations, please take a few minutes and visit the web pages of the portal at

We are very pleased to be users of the digital technologies in reaching out to new and extensive audiences. Our online visitors grew from some hundreds a month to a few hundred thousands a month. This shows that our readers valued our services.

At the beginning of the 2004, i4d became a monthly, and we had many a folks telling us that this was going to be a challenging task. Did we have enough writers and material to document? Well, the answer is Yes, it was a delightful year for the researchers and in-house staff members to drive through the thick and thin of building i4d into a strong platform for documentation and exchange. We learnt a lot while dialoguing with authors and issue sponsors to develop content that is significant, relevant and globally useful.

As we prepare to give thrust to the next year's issue

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