Answer to Quiz on ICT and Local Language Content by D.C.Misra : D.C.Misra, NCT of Delhi, India

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1. It is a 3-year programme at Centre for Research in Urdu Language Processing (CRULP), National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences (NUCES), Lahore, Pakistan, launched by the International Development Research Centre (IDRC), Canada, for developing local language computing capacity. The countries (and languages) included in the project are Bangladesh (Bangla), Bhutan (Dzongkha), Cambodia (Khmer), Laos (Lao), Nepal (Nepali) and Sri Lanka (Sinhala, Tamil). For details, visit the Web sites and

2. July 31, 2003 (URL: The four Indian languages are: Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, and Marathi. This is in addition to English. Subsequently Tamil was added. As on April 14, 2004, the Google interface was available in five major Indian languages.

3. (a) Indian Script Code for Information Interchange, (b) The universal character-encoding standard, used for representation of text for computer processing. The Unicode standard provides the capacity to encode all of the characters used for the written languages of the world, (c) Indian Standard Font Code (, and (d) Indian Script Roman Transliteration, and (e) Perso-Arabic Script Code for Information Interchange, devised by Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC), Pune which defines storage standard for Urdu, Sindhi, Kashmiri and Arabic. For details, visit the Web site

4. (a) Indian language database management system (1992), (b) Indian language publishing software

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