June 2004

Global ICT Summit 2004

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As we all know that Information and communication technologies (ICTs) have great potential for the development of any society world over. What it needs is the unaffected flow of information and unfettered interactions between the ICT communities to share their experiences, ideas and opinions for the development. Hence, it is very important that conferences and summits should take place all over the world. Global ICT Summit organized by Internet Professionals Association Limited (iProA) indubitably severed the purpose of bringing the minds at a single common platform for development.

In the short few days of the Summit there were 91 speeches delivered to a total of 1,162 participants. ICT Ministers and Secretaries from 9 countries together with over 70 renowned speakers from 22 countries were able to share their view and experiences on best practices in e-Content and e-Creativity that will shape the future of global ICT development.

They covered a wide range of subjects such as “Corporate social responsibility and the digital divide” which broadened the spectrum of building a true information society. Moreover, opportunities were presented to forge global partnerships for development between governments, the private sector, civil society, and the United Nations system.

In addition, the Global Alliance for Bridging the Digital Divide has launched the Global Web Accessibility Promotion programme that will help members to enhance web accessibility in their respective country. Likewise, the Euro-Asia e-Entertainment Alliance was formed and cross-continental collaboration in research and development in smart media, mobile entertainment, digital contents, and games were established. The Mainland – Hong Kong ICT Business Development Centre also succeeded in forming bilateral partnerships with 12 countries, thus laying the foundation for matching business opportunities among companies from these countries.

The Summit was heavily and effectively promoted through the Organizers' Global Network and it has successfully promoted Hong Kong's IT infrastructure and enhanced Hong Kong position as a leading digital city globally connected as well as being the gateway to China.

Achievements from the event are expected to add momentum in e-Content development in Hong Kong, which will benefit the general public as well as the local ICT and creative industries.

iProA, formerly known as the “Webmasters (Hong Kong) Association”, is a non-profit making professional organization founded in December 1999. On 25 May 2001, it was incorporated in Hong Kong by guarantee with limited liability under its present name “Internet Professionals Association Limited”. It represents over 500 professionals from Internet related industries, including CEOs and senior executives from leading information technology enterprises. The members have made contributions in areas like innovative design, sales, marketing, infrastructure, e-Commerce, consultancy, investment and other Internet related professional services, aiming to further develop the Internet industry in Hong Kong.

The presentations of the Summit as well as related photographs can be viewed at

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