All for people, Andhra to link all e-Gov portals, India

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Providing services to his people is the main objective of Andhra Pradesh Government and this is no doubt is one more step towards e-governance. After full computerisation and independent portals for each government department, the Andhra Pradesh government is now embarking on bringing interoperability across platforms.
“We are now working towards establishing a common language platform for all kinds of government services, be it obtaining certificates, registration of real estate, besides providing citizens information,” a senior official told FE. The project, a first for the country, would integrate all the e-governance solutions thus enabling registered users to access any kind of government information and service by using a single login address. The project is expected to be completed in two years, by when all the departments involved in offering these services can be brought under a single portal. The portal site,, is already operational, being supported by Tata Consultancy Services. For example, if a citizen wants to apply for an electricity connection, he has to apply to Discom, go to the municipal corporation to obtain proof of residence, go to a bank to pay the fees, etc. But all these processes can be offered through a single portal site, which will process the application online and deliver the end service. At present, through the e-Seva platform, the government is offering some of the services like birth and death certificates besides receiving utility payments. This initiative is aimed at bringing uniformity among the solutions by offering interoperable communication between the government applications, which would help the system improve the delivery of services. The state government, in association with Centre for Good Governance, is designing the architecture, enabling each of the standalone portals to be linked eventually to the aponline portal. A two-day workshop for the benefit of the ‘chief information officers’ was organised by the state government recently to evolve the structure for the maintenance of these standards. Another portal,, is designed to develop schemes for various governmental data and to present comprehensive e-thesaurus and repositories of forms for the benefit of various users of government information inclu-ding the citizen, corporates, employees of various government departments. “It would be a tremendous task as each of the departments has to participate actively in the project in providing information about the processes, which is necessary to draw up a common language,” the official engaged in the project said. Andhra Pradesh has several IT projects operating independently for various departments, which need to be integrated. Therefore, there is a need for an effective ‘metadata’ (data of data) besides tagging an information tool to help users navigate through the massive electronic information sources.

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