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In the next five years, Delhi Assembly may become one of the most hi-tech state legislatures in the country. Speaker Ajay Maken announced his grand plans to modernise the Assembly in the coming years.
If Maken's dreams come true, the Assembly will be fitted with giant plasma screens and members will be able to make power-point presentations sitting at their seats. They will also be able to communicate discretely with each other using local area network (LAN). Unveiling his Vision document for using information communication technologies (ICT), he said: ''Use of ICT will not only help the members to get IT-savvy, but also help them in quick and better grievance redressal.'' The Speaker said he seeks to create easy and instant information retrieval and access systems. ''There is a need to create a paperless system. We can save huge quantity of paper, thereby, protecting trees for manufacturing of paper,'' Maken said. Outlining his priorities broadly, he said the first step will be to create a web-server as an information bank at the Assembly secretariat, only for the use of a limited group through LAN and for selective information through internet for general public. Having created LAN, each and every table would be facilitated with the usage of intranet. ''There will be giant screens, which will not only show the instant results of division of votes, but will also be capable of displaying graphics during a debate or special mention by members,'' he said. There will be discrete communication systems between officers and the ministers, between leader of House or Opposition or chief whips with the Speaker and Assembly secretary, so that the House proceedings will not be disturbed, Maken further said. There are plans for better storage of clippings, Assembly records and documents to ensure longevity, as the information would be electronically stored and can be made available online. ''The audio-visual system would be made compatible with the public address system and website, so that telecast, broadcast and webcast of important events will be possible, whenever necessary,'' he said. To make all this possible, the Assembly secretariat will be consulting Delhi government's IT department for finetuning of the proposals. ''Thereafter a reputed company will be appointed as a consultant. They will prepare a detailed techo-economical report and tender bids. The vision document will be implemented in a time-bound and phased manner,'' he said.

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